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"Birth is powerful, let it empower you" -author unknown

My name is Kitty Curtin. I am married to my college sweetheart, and am the mother of three wonderful adult daughters. For twenty years, I worked as an RN in various fields, including some experience in postpartum and NICU. My shift from nursing to serving as a doula fulfills my desire to focus on individual families through continuous care, giving them the attention they need for a deeply satisfying birth experience. 

Giving families the opportunity to have the best possible birth is extremely important to me. I believe that when mothers are fully involved in their baby's birth, it lays the foundation for a more secure and nurturing family. I believe mothers deserve to be fully informed, and to have their decisions for a preferred birth plan respected. A mother that has constant, considerate care is able to trust in the strength, power, and beauty of her body giving birth. I am committed to caring for mothers and families in a way that meets their individual needs during childbirth.





As a birth doula, I have supported women experiencing induced deliveries, planned and unplanned cesarean births, vaginal births, births without a partner present, mothers with pre-eclampsia, first time mothers and mothers giving birth for the fifth time. I recently completed birth doula training with DONA International, a leader in doula certification. I have completed a Spinning Babies Workshop. Pursuing current information about childbirth and seeking training in relevant skills is always a priority for me.




It is my privilege and joy to accompany mothers and their partners on their magnificent  journey to parenthood. Each birth is wonderfully unique. You will have my support throughout your entire experience, from prenatal visits to your postpartum care.

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